The polish financial sector together for the development of professional competence and the improvement of service quality

It was initiated by the partnership of the Warsaw Banking Institute with the Polish Bank Association, among others. The Council represents a total of 25 entities, including commercial and cooperative banks, industry organisations, higher education establishments and training companies.

– For the financial sector, the Council's establishment and activity will allow the entire sector to adapt to and integrate further with the changing landscape of financial services and needs of banks' customers. Financial institutions will thus be able to prepare more effectively for new market trends and regulations and banks will improve the quality of their services and customer assistance on an ongoing basis, said the President of the Polish Bank Association and Chairperson of the Council, Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz.

As a sector representation, the Council wants to engage in the comprehensible qualification scheme being created in the European Union, which aids in implementing the lifelong learning idea, among other things. As indicated by the Council initiators, the process participation rate among adults in Poland is disturbingly low. At present, the rate is at 10.7% on average in EU countries while it was barely 3.5% in Poland last year (figures by Eurostat).

Michał Polak



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