Student internships are a popular form of gaining experience among young people and an element of your CV to be appreciated by employees. Frequently, it is the first opportunity to try your hand at a job you dream about. For employers it is a chance to have young and ambitious employees, and for students it is an element which increases the probability of future employment or of starting one's own business.

The Modern Business Management Programme is mostly about passing on practical knowledge. Thus, internships complement the Programme facilitating smooth transition from the education period to the labour market, show the growing significance of the early talent hunting policy and are a tool for effective cooperation between the business milieu and universities/academies.

From the companies' viewpoint, internships facilitate recruitment processes, may help find the best applicants and reduce the risk of competence mismatch and of the lack of education courses adapted to employers' needs.

From the students' perspective, internships offer a chance to gain skills and practical knowledge necessary when one is taking the first steps in the labour market, means to learn employers' expectations and requirements for employees as well as the labour market functioning mechanisms and an opportunity to meet one's potential future employer.

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