Poles love Internet Banking

As arises from the latestNetB@nk Report prepared by the Polish Bank Association, at the end of the last year the number of accounts enabling individual customers to use banking services via the Internet stabilised at over 30 million, which accounts for an increase by over 5 million accounts over a year.


The entire year also saw a significant increase in the number of active customers, i.e. those who logged into their bank's Internet banking service once a month at least. There were slightly more than 13 million of them at the end of December 2014; a year later the number increased to 14.5 million (11,3%).


In Poland, banks have advanced and well secured infrastructure which enables them to offer modern e-banking services to millions of customers. As our data shows, however, the present potential is far ahead of the possibilities of its utilisation. Over the last year 5 million individual customers more gained access to on-line banking while 1.5 million of them saw that this is a convenient method to communicate with the bank which saves them precious time, says Mieczysław Groszek, Vice-president of the Polish Bank Association.


Summary by Michał Polak


Read more: NetB@nk Report: Over 5 million new accounts in a year: https://zbp.pl/eng/news

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