International Economic Review for Students – 2016.01

Dear Readers, another newsletter you think? Yes, another one, but different in many ways from the ones that you have received so far. This is so, because the Modern Business Management Programme has been launched exclusively for university students. The idea of the Programme is to supplement the theory you learn at the university with the practical knowledge you can get from the business world. 

In Poland, it is present at more than 120 universities, mainly in the form of lectures given by the representatives of different public and financial institutions.

They help students understand their more and more complicated financial environment at the most important moment of their lives – just before the first job search and starting their professional careers. Yet, in the globalized world, where modern banking enters the lives of ordinary people in the form of mobile applications or on-line transactions, offering a variety of products as numerous as deodorants on the shelf at a good pharmacy, there is a need to help people – not only students –  find their place in the increasingly complicated economic and financial environment. Not to get lost in the maze of the knowledge-based economy, we as citizens, have to constantly broaden this knowledge. We need to learn how to use new opportunities but also how to avoid dangers that are lurking for us and we are exposed to.

We cannot send a banker or a financier everywhere, but we can send you the International Economic Review for Students – Finance and Banking in the form of short summaries of the most interesting articles published by banking and financial organisations from different countries, with direct links to the source materials which you can also use in your dissertations. You will also find here funny stories that “no one else”  has heard about that will make you shine in exams and will help you lighten the atmosphere of the most boring lecture 😉 And, most importantly, we hope that the things you will learn from our Review will help you succeed in life, both in professional and personal areas! 

On behalf of the editorial board I would like to thank all the banking and financial institutions that help us create this international newsletter with the hope that they will also benefit from it!


Enjoy reading and have fun!


Agnieszka Krawczyk

Coordinator of International Cooperation of the Modern Business Management Programme


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