Dear Readers, another newsletter you think? Yes, another one, but different in many ways from the ones that you have received so far. This is so, because the Modern Business Management Programme has been launched exclusively for university students. The idea of the Programme is to supplement the theory you learn at the university with the practical knowledge you can get from the business world. 

Australia invented ‘plastic’ money, replacing its paper notes with polymer notes in 1988 to combat counterfeiting...


In Europe, first credit registers were established already at the beginning of the previous century and have become part of the architecture of the developed market economy occupying a permanent and crucial position. The place is due to the fact that the registers and the possibility to make use of their databases are linked to a major determinant in banking operations – the risk level assessment and management.

The Mediterranean Bank Network was established in November 1996 one year after and as a direct result of the 1995 Barcelona Declaration. It is a non-profit banking organisation and strategic partnership between leading and medium sized Mediterranean banks and is designed to promote inter-regional commercial and business relationships amongst its members. AGNIESZKA KRAWCZYK SPEAKS TO MBN CHAIRMAN, HASSAN EL BASRI, TO DISCUSS THE EVOLVING ROLE OF THE ORGANISATION.


The Polish Banks Association has presented the key challenges to be faced by the Polish financial system over the next few years. The most important ones included the need for an increase in the banked Polish population and development of the Polish banking potential.


In the year 2016 Moscow Stock Exchange will introduce a brand new financial instrument – the clearing participation certificate repo (CPC). The aim of this instrument is to enable trading backed by collateral deposited at the National Clearing Centre.

Nontraditional and nonbank financial services and credit provided for individuals and businesses without regulatory overshight – shadow banking is on the rise in Albania. As informal lending and borrowing offer more financial benefits, they are sought despite inherent risks. 

In Germany, 80% of transactions and approximately 53% of sales are carried out by means of cash payments. Cash is appreciated regardless of age. A market research institute, GfK, has conducted a study among the youth of 14-24 years concerning the preferred method of payment, according to which young people pay in cash most willingly – 2/3 of respondents do so. 

New York Times technology section on November 11, 2015 published an article about Apple’s plans to start a peer-to-peer payments through mobile phones. It might be an interesting read for many people from the most technologically advanced countries of the world where such applications will be soon used on a daily basis. However, if that paper somehow made its way to a small Kenyan town of Moyale, people there must have looked at it in astonishment. Why it is making the news? We are already paying for almost everything using our mobile phones.