Get Wise! – developing financial literacy among young Kiwi

New Zealand Bankers Association member - ASB Bank is deeply involved in promoting financial literacy among the youngest generation of New Zealanders. The program ASB GetWise is a great example of well-profiled, entertaining initiative which teaches children how to save, spend and manage their money.

ASB GetWise provides workshops at three primary school levels and at intermediate level. With the help of a qualified facilitator, kids, through games, stories and fun activities, obtain knowledge about money value, credit and debit cards, how money is earned, how to manage a household budget or even how to run their own business.  In order to make it more entertaining, in the early age groups, the facilitator plays a role of the Superhero ‘Captain Cashtastic’ and trains students to become „Cashtastic Superheroes”.  In older groups, students interactively earn interest, help their classmates reach their savings goals and take part in „cash-clever” quest.

ASB GetWise has facilitators based in bigger cities, but they are also ready to visit other school communities across New Zealand.

ASB has also introduced interesting educational toy „Clever Cash”, which is a form of a cashless „piggy bank”.  Parents use ASB Mobile app to send virtual notes and coins to Clever Kash, and it will display the child's updated ASB account balance. Thanks to that, kids learn how virtual money works and are more motivated to save their pocket money.

Summary by Beata Lewicka


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