International Economic Review for Students – 2016.02

Dear Readers,

For this issue we have two hot topics. We will focus on the situation in the EU, because in a fortnight we may face …Brexit. Do you think that Brits will leave EU? We will all learn it soon but in the meantime we can only muse suppositions with Szymon Stellmaszyk.


Another hot issue is connected with the migrants, and not only with the problem of their final residence. Even if they find their new home and get a job they may encounter some troubles with receiving their wages or salary if they have no bank account. You will see how Germans solved this problem in the article by Anna Dąbkowska.

In this issue you can also read about the most popular sources of financial information, about prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, about saving of hundreds of working hours by accounting automation, and a little bit about Internet banking and co-operative banking, finishing the Partners’ section with a standard in professional qualifications in financial services sector.

At the end, as usually, you can find some funny stories from different parts of the world…

So learn with us and have fun!


Agnieszka Krawczyk

Executive Editor

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