Dear Readers

I have a great pleasure to present to you the third issue of our International Economic Review for Students. We intend to go on with exploring the topics which we hope are of interest for you, namely, interesting and also funny facts from the world of finance. What you will learn from it is whether there still is a menace of the collapse of a European financial giant that would be more catastrophic for the world that Lehman Brothers’ fall.

Yet, not to sound so somber (the text, as the whole newsletter, is very optimistic indeed) I encourage you to read how a Turkish bank assists women in their entrepreneurial endeavours or how a few Russian banks contributed to the development of a multifunctional campus card for students. Student issues, but not only university students, and economic and financial education is predominating in this issue of the Review. You are presented with a few educational projects that are run with success and add to the financial literacy among young people. And finally, the part that you probably like the most – funny facts from the global web. This time we devote a lot of time to the history of ATM and… Better read it yourself 😉

Happy reading and have fun!

Agnieszka Krawczyk
Executive Editor

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