Challenges faced by the Polish financial system

The Polish Banks Association has presented the key challenges to be faced by the Polish financial system over the next few years. The most important ones included the need for an increase in the banked Polish population and development of the Polish banking potential.

What is especially significant is to convince people to choose long-term saving and to invest their own capital in safe bank products.  It is equally essential to support the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which provides a foundation¬ for Poland's dynamic economic development in the last years. To this end, a new corporate financing product range should be created.
Another task is to prepare a solution package for housing financing, including a long-term scheme to save up for a flat e.g. via construction savings unions. Bank will also play an indisputable role by taking an active part in the EU funds absorption process. Banks have been established to provide services to citizens and the economy, thus they should participate by definition in the financing of their development. 
Another major issue will be economic education and development of financial competencies among Poles. This needs to be accompanied by an acceptable and balanced product range from banks as well as an emphasis put on modern settlements.
One of the most modern banking sections, the Polish sector will also carry on activities contributing to the security of e-banking, including protections in Internet and mobile banking.


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