Accounting automation would save hundreds of work years

Accounting automation can save years of work and reduce climatic impact. A Commitment to Sustainable Development is a Finnish project designed to achieve the above goals.

Its authors claim that even small companies would benefit, while obviously the larger a company the greater work time savings. E-invoices would enable the utilisation and processing of structured data without manual work. The processing of card receipts could also be improved from manual to automated work. All of these would significantly reduce the use of paper and CO2 emissions. On a national scale the “results would be massive”, says a development manager Pirjo Ilola from the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. Besides reducing environmental impacts, the automation would mean less manual work even in microcompanies, a more efficient flow of accounting data leading to enhanced daily management plus more time for customer consultation. The entire Finnish society makes a commitment, through the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, to promote sustainable development.

Summary by Anna Muszak

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